10 Benefits Of Using The Wet Blasting Method

There are multiple benefits to WET BLASTING over other mediums of blasting – some obvious and some not so!

We’ve worked with all media forms of blasting so from practical experience, here are the points that have made the most difference for our clients:

  1. State of the art component cleaning, high speed gentle blast cleaning process that will not alter critical measurements.wet blasting, townsville, abrasive blasting, cairns, ayr, charters towers, non-abrasive blasting
  2. Alloy parts will come back to a show winning finish.
  3. No component erosion or impregnation.
  4. Suitable for any metal
  5. Brass comes back to its original shining state
  6. No toxic or harmful chemicals used
  7. No damage to seal, gasket or bearing surfaces
  8. Rust can be removed without panel damage
  9. The best and safest cleaning for your components
  10. Cost Effective

Remember, when it comes to blasting metal surfaces clean; Blasting ain’t Blasting!

Abrasive Blasting, Non-Abrasive Blasting ……. etc etc etc!

WET BLASTING’s benefits will benefit you and your restorations works.


Bare Naked Industries!