Brass, Copper and Silver Cleaning

Townsville, Abrasive & Non-abrasive Blasting, Brass Cleaning, Copper Cleaning, Metal Cleaning, Antique CleaningThere’s not much known about the Wet Blasting technique used by us here at Bare Naked Industries and because of that, many are missing out on the opportunity to have their metal cleaning problems solved for them in an environmentally, cost effective manner.

Wet Blasting is ideal for the cleaning all metals, especially alloy, brass, copper and silver item. You’ll be blown away by the ‘showroom shine’ finish that can be achieved by this ‘gentle’ process.

When it comes to brass, copper and silver items, anything and everything from Military signs and emblems to vintage car & motorcycle parts to antique door, window and furniture fittings are all brought back to former glory. Great for boat fittings also!

The wet blasting process is fast yet gentle on brass. Using no chemicals, this ensure that no can harm can be done to the item and there’s no build up of toxic residue, which only adds to the benefits of Wet Blasting for these often intricately details items. Cleaned back and front, inside and out makes these pieces come back to life!

Wet Blasting also speeds up the polishing process and this will definitely save the money.

Be they family heirlooms, your investment for your future, restoration works on your home or boat – isn’t it time you got them cleaned up and sorted?

So drop us a line or give us a call to book your ‘special pieces’ in for some TLC! You’ll be amazed at the results!